Individual Therapy

Not ready to schedule an appointment?

If you want to try a few things on your own before scheduling an appointment:

  • Learn about your strengths and take the free VIA Character Strengths survey.
  • Start a journal to see if you can identify some issues you’d like to address in therapy.
  • Buy the Please Understand Me (Keirsey, D. & Bates, M., 1984) book and learn your personality type. The book includes the Myers-Briggs self-test and descriptions of each of 16 personality types identified by Carl Jung.
  • If you are plagued with painful memories about your childhood, take the adverse childhood experience (ACE) survey online at and read about the effects early childhood trauma can have on adult physical and mental health.
  • Start a mindfulness practice. Sit in silence or listen to a guided meditation app for one to five minutes a day. There are some great apps for guided meditations, some of them are free. Try them until you find one that you like. Here are a few suggestions: Balance, Calm, HeadSpace