In addition to having a lifelong interest in psychology and human relationships,  my education and experience includes:

  • M.A. from Antioch University in clinical psychology, a school and program that emphasizes social, economic, and environmental justice and equality
  • clinical training and internships in community agencies that offer mental health services to diverse populations in LA County including the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center and Manhattan Beach Community Counseling Center
  • 20 years of mindfulness study and practice
  • always physically active in some way (running, hiking, walking, biking)
  • artist, writer, photographer
  • originally from East Coast, NY metropolitan area, interested in arts and culture

I am accepting new adult clients (I do not work with children or adolescents) who are interested in:

  • repairing and recovering from breakups, trauma, difficult relationships,  difficult childhoods, life stressors
  • managing inevitable life transitions, loss, disappointments, successes
  • finding more meaning in life
  • improving relationships with self and others
  • reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • personal growth
  • increasing/getting in touch with creativity

In therapy sessions, you can talk about whatever is on your mind including but not limited to:

  • how do you feel about yourself ? Is your inner world safe? How kind are you to yourself?
  • family: how did family members influence who you are today?
  • friendships and intimate relationships: past and present, satisfying or painful, close or distant
  • thoughts, emotions (body sensations), feelings
  • self-care: how do you take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually?
  • leisure activities: how do you play and enjoy your time off?
  • work and career: how satisfied are you with your work and the environment you work in?
  • school: how important is learning and education?
  • society: rules, moral values, role expectations, media. How does this shape you?
  • what are your thoughts and feelings about the big three: finances, sex, death
  • what is most important to you right now?


Your relationship with your therapist is important!

Underlying all of the work is trust that your therapist considers your well-being priority one. It’s really important that you feel held, heard, and respected. You should be able to talk to your therapist about anything without fear of rejection or criticism. That includes your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others, your past, your present, sex, money, death, accomplishments, frustrations, addictions, losses, goals, wants, desires, fantasies, fears, anger, loneliness, your feelings, not what you’ve been taught you should or are allowed to feel or think, but what is and was honest and real for you. Your truth.

Why therapy now?

That’s a great question. You may have thought about starting therapy for a while. Or had an experience recently that made you realize something’s got to change.  Why Therapy Now? 

Wondering What to expect…?